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Advisory Board (AB)


The PATH Advisory Board takes responsibility for ensuring excellence in the evidence base of the system and strategic directions for implementation of the system. The PATH AB considers the scientific and strategic directions related to PATH; the tasks include:

  • PATH research and development: evaluation of the implementation and impact of the system; review of the evidence base choice of performance indicators,  their operational definitions, performance management and improvement practices initiated by hospitals;
  • development of the new features of the project such as methods to better reflect the multidimensional perspective of performance promoted by PATH,
  •  recommendations for strategic development of the system: organization of the project at national and international level; review of the work of national networks comparing hospital performance and recommendations for implementation of activities; review of the content of the website; review of branding and marketing materials related to PATH etc.,
  •  review of the agenda of the PATH international and national conferences,
  • review and recommendations of scientific publications related to PATH.

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