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European and non European hospitals of any type are welcomed to participate in PATH on an annual basis. There are no limits on hospital size, specialty and ownership, as long as it provides data on a minimum of one indicator per performance dimension. Aware that indicators are designed primarily for acute care general hospitals, the participating hospitals are expected to commit themselves to PATH philosophy based on the long-term efforts to change for improvement.

The requirements for participants are:

  • commitment to the PATH philosophy, namely using PATH mainly as a tool for internal quality improvement,
  • ensuring quality of own data,
  • timely data reporting to PATH Coordinator(s) in the country,
  • completing PATH registration form with CEO signature, confirming the hospitals' commitment and appointment of PATH hospital coordinator.



Whom to contact if you wish to join PATH?

  • PATH International Secretariat at the National Centre for Quality Assessment in Health Care (NCQA) in Krakow, Poland - WHO Collaborating Center for Development of Quality and Safety in Health Systems

Basia Kutryba, Ewa Dudzik-Urbaniak, Ewa Wójtowicz

PATH International Secretariat at NCQA
Centrum Monitorowania Jakości w Ochronie Zdrowia (CMJ)
Kapelanka Str. 60
30-347 Krakow, Poland
Phone/Fax: + 48-12 427 8251, ext. 26, 23, 13


  • WHO Regional Office for Europe
    If you wish to discuss how to position PATH in your country and what are the next steps or to receive additional information, please contact Valentina Hafner at WHO.

World Health Organization
Regional Office for Europe
Division of health systems and public health
Scherfigsvej 8
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 39171 1255
Fax: + 45 39 17 18 18