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Other organizations and networks


The Center for Performance Sciences

The Center for Performance Sciences (CPS) offers a wide range of performance improvement products and services to health care organizations worldwide for administrative, financial, and clinical activities. CPS unique ability to synthesize tools and education ensures proper use and interpretation of data to meet the needs of health care quality improvement initiatives. Among our products are the International Quality Indicator Project (IQIP), a performance measurement and quality improvement system for acute, psychiatric, and long term care hospitals with hundreds of performance measures combining data collection software, reporting, and analysis tools, including statistical process control; and the MEDSAFE Patient Safety Project, which is an assessment of hospitals' key processes regarding the safe use of medications and the context within which those processes take place.

Since 2002 CPS staffs have provided the WHO Europe Office with expert and technical assistance in designing, testing, and evaluating PATH. For more information about us, please visit our website ( or contact us at


The International Quality Indicator Project

The International Quality Indicator Project (IQIP) serves the performance measurement and quality management needs of healthcare organizations worldwide, which use the Project to meet accreditation and public reporting requirements as well as a wealth of other quality improvement initiatives. The IQIP provides a wide array of application-based tools and services, including reporting and analysis tools, ongoing training and education, and unlimited technical support, making it easier for Project participants to put their data to work to improve quality of care. For more information, please visit our website ( or contact us at


Vahe A. Kazandjian

PATH Advisory Board Member

President The Center for Performance Sciences







The Danish National Indicator Project

The Danish National Indicator Project has been running since 2000. The project is owned by the Danish Regions and the Medical and Nursing Societies of Denmark. We cover broad aspects of indicator monitoring at a national scale: Development of evidence-based quality indicators, support of collection and analysis of data both at the clinical level and via development of  specialized web-based software, support of data-driven improvement by formalized national and regional audits. Our audited data are published on a public website. Presently we cover 10 major diseases.


The ESQH office for quality indicators

The ESQH office for quality indicators is located in the Middle Jutland Hospital Region in close alliance with the Danish Indicator Project. Our mission is promotion of high-quality standards for work with indicators and performance measurement in Europe. We have been engaged in European projects concerned with measurements of patient safety and quality. For more information, please visit our website


Paul Daniel Bartels

PATH Advisory Board Member

Director of ESQH Office for Quality Indicators