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Participation benefits


Currently most hospitals  engage in some form of performance evaluation. By incorporating performance assessment into the PATH project, participating hospitals gain a framework that integrates, organizes and complements their current efforts. They  benefit from an extensive review of  literature that has been performed on indicator development and draw on the wide experience of experts involved. But most importantly, they participate in a forum on hospital performance. They enter a network of hospitals motivated  to share results and strategies in order to influence their performance measurement. They can also "market" their participation in the project (but not indicators' results) to their staff and to external stakeholders. This provides an excellent opportunity to disseminate values within the organization.


In summary, participating hospitals benefit from:

  • quality improvement tools (indicators, reference points, etc.) based on extensive research of the literature and expert opinion,
  • a tool to disseminate values and motivate teams within the organization,
  • participation in a benchmarking country network, developing relationships with other participating hospitals,
  • public relations or "marketing" tool.

By joining PATH, hospitals become members of an international network to share best practices for quality improvement and access support tools such as the PATH Newsletter, web page, and E-Forum. Once introduced, PATH stimulates sharing and learning from each other. With individual hospital reports, PATH provides aids for interpretation of results and offers useful improvement practices.