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PATH events

On Thursday November 22, in Thessaloniki, Greece, an interactive workshop about "Performance Assessment tool for quality improvement in hospitals - The PATH project", organized by the Quality Control Department of the 3rd Regional Health Authority (R.H.A.) of Macedonia, was held at the auditorium of the Papageorgiou hospital. The agenda involved the assessment of hospital performance using the system PATH, which was developed and proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to support quality improvement strategies in hospitals. About 200 people (administrative staff, doctors and nurses), from hospitals all over northern Greece attended the event. The country PATH Coordinator, Mr Anastasios Moumtzoglou, explained the basic principles, the dimensions and the indicators used for hospital performance assessment according to the program.

Promoting quality strategies, especially during a period of financial crisis, is quite complex and needs to be addressed in a proper way, because most people think that quality costs money. The Quality Control Department of the 3rd R.H.A. makes a continuing effort to change this perspective because quality is profitable in the long run and eliminates correction costs which can be extremely high or extremely serious in healthcare. Implementing quality strategies needs hospital performance measurements and evaluation. Performance management is a way to deliver successful results but needs to be addressed by all hospital staff and become a commitment. The objective of the workshop was to disseminate and highlight the principles of the PATH program which is a great tool to foster a culture of self-evaluation for quality improvement and acquaint the experience of the 5 Greek hospitals (GH Papanicolaou, GH Papageorgiou, Univ. Hospital AHEPA, GH Giannitson, GH Katerinis) which became part of the program this year (first initiative on a national level). Additionally, a representative of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Development of Quality and Safety in Health Systems at National Center for Quality Assessment in Health Care, Krakow, Poland, Ms Ewa Dudzik-Urbaniak, presented the international improvement knowledge from PATH countries' experiences. Many other hospitals expressed their interest to learn more about PATH and enroll.



Agenda PATH workshop, Thessaloniki, 22 November, 2012



Georgia Sanida
Department of Quality Improvement
3rd Regional Health Authority of Macedonia
Thessaloniki, Greece


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