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PATH events



"Building a Quality and Patient Safety Culture in Health Services: Experience and Prospects"

Dear Friends and Colleagues

The Secretariat would like to announce that the annual PATH workshop for 2014, will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece on April 24-25, 2014.

The workshop is linked to the HCQ Conference organized by the 3rd & 4rth Regional Health Authority of Macedonia. All PATH Country Coordinators are welcomed to participate in the conference free of charge.


The workshop starts at 12.30 pm on Friday April 25th and aims at sharing the performance measurement experience and inviting to the Hungarian PATH IT platform: presentation and demonstration of platform functionality after design and functionality testing; update on possibilities, practical indications how to use the platform, modification possibilities, joining conditions.


The dinner has been planned on Thursday evening after the first conference day - all PATH coordinators are already invited. The dinner will be hosted by the Greek organizers and the Greek PATH team.

The venue for the conference and PATH workshop is:

"Ioannis Vellidis" Conference Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece


Hotels not far away from the Conference and PATH workshop venue (5-10 minutes by   taxi or by bus:


  1. Egnatia Palace Hotel - within walking distance (3-5 minutes) from the 3rd   Regional Health Authority offices, price (50-60-70euros/night),
  2. Electra Palace Hotel - prices higher (front rooms 150 euro/night) with exquisit view at the sea,
  3. Luxembourg Hotel nice and economical,
  4. Hotel ABC - within 5-10 minutes walking distance (45 euros/night),
  5. Zaliki Hotel - within 5-10 minutes walking distance (about 50-55 euros/night).


Other possibilities can be found here


City transportation:

Thessaloniki Airport "Macedonia" Info

Information about the city:

1. PATH Thessaloniki Conference and Workshop, April 2014,

2. Registration form for PATH workshop

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