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PATH International Secretariat (IS)


The PATH International Secretariat acts as information broker and facilitates the international networking:

  • IS fosters good communication within the PATH network. It points to communication channels and takes an active responsibility for maintaining the website, editing the Newsletter and co-organizing PATH workshops. IS responds to requests and expectations from PATH Coordinators in the countries by: providing direct technical expertise, enabling the exchange of experience, facilitating contact with external consultants. It centralizes best practices from hospitals and countries in terms of performance management, data quality improvement, individual indicators and facilitates direct contacts between hospitals from different countries (with the support and facilitation of the PATH Coordinator in the country).
  • Because of its central role as information broker, it plays a key role in potentially feasible international comparisons. IS maintains and manages access to the database of international anonymous results.

All generic services related to communication and information brokerage are essential components of the PATH International Secretariat. Specific services to individual countries or a group of countries requiring substantial additional work may be provided against a fee. Such additional services include training in countries, technical support for data management, edition of country reports, and data analysis of the international database.
The PATH International Secretariat also deals with administrative and operational issues as proposed by the Advisory Board and the WHO EURO. Among others, it maintains the list of participating hospitals and Coordinators in the country, centralizes information on indicators and tools (e.g. staff and patient surveys) used in the countries.





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