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PATH products and services


PATH provides hospitals with: indicator set with descriptive sheets, feedback report, Newsletter, website: and E-Forum.



Indicator set with descriptive sheets


The set comprises a limited number of indicators, which are internationally recognized as best practices regarding performance assessment. They are harmonized with other quality improvement projects and aligned to initiatives by international professional organizations and associations of experts. This, on one hand  decreases the burden of data collection and on the other hand assures high quality of indicators.


Descriptive sheet of each indicator includes a clear definition, specific directions on when, where and how to collect the data and a review of current literature that derive from the partners' organizations.


The indicators relate to the six dimensions of performance: clinical effectiveness, staff orientation, efficiency, responsive governance, safety and patient centeredness. It includes a sub-set of the formerly "core" and "tailored" indicators set (described in previous rounds of PATH) as well as new indicators. 


For most indicators prospective data collection is preferred as one of the major lessons learnt from the previous rounds is that prospective data collection has a greater potential to have a real impact on practices and that it is necessary to allow for international comparisons. Hospitals are invited to measure against all indicators but it is  required to measure only against one indicator for each dimension of performance. Hence, burden of data collection remains within the acceptable level.

Feedback report

The report will be computed and edited by the PATH Coordinator in the country. It positions the results of each hospital nationally and includes an overall presentation of the hospital's performance that helps to identify quickly where the hospital is strong and where it most needs to improve. It also provides a detailed report on every indicator that may help mainly the health care professionals to identify strengths and weaknesses in their specific services and initiate the quality improvement activities at operational level.



The PATH network offers:

  • Annual International PATH conference and national workshops.
  • PATH Newsletter that provide information on progress and current events. Here hospitals are invited to share their experiences and improvement strategies.
  • Structure for twinning projects between individual institutions facilitated via the PATH Network.
  • Possibilities of training and advice.